Thursday, 29 March 2012


I paint in the visual aesthetic tradition of British painting. I observe and record English culture, especially the English landscape in which I live. I am concerned with brush marks and positioning of colour in the abstract landscapes, shapes in my figurative and abstract to work create minimalist compositions and particularly the use of colour which often draws on the palette of my childhood. The landscapes are not representational but show warmth, permanence and oneness with the environment. They represent journeys and are often entitle On the way to Every building exists in its own space, but I take that space and use it to create a new image that enables people to see it in a different way. And it is that different ‘eye’ which appeals to many of the viewers of my work. Put simply I want the landscape paintings to be accessible and lovely to look at in themselves but also awake the viewer to look anew at the given landscape.

Amrik Varkalis
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