Sunday, 21 August 2011

Beverley Porter - Ceramics Genius

Primarily specialising in figurative ceramics, my work ranges in scale from small individual figures, which can be picked up and turned in the hand, to larger pieces with a sculptural quality.

I have become increasingly concerned about the demise of our traditional ceramics industry and the impact this will have as the rich history, tradition and skills could become lost forever.

Whilst experimenting with traditional glazes such as the Delft style blue and white tin glazes featured in this current body of work, I have also incorporated elements from Staffordshire flat-back and Meissen table centrepieces. I am striving to achieve the balance between retaining a strong traditional feel whilst still having a fresh and contemporary aesthetic.

Through my ceramics I intend to portray a typically ‘British’ sense of humour and nostalgia, similar in style to saucy seaside postcards, carry on films and such like.

My work is not born out of conceptual ideas, and I make no apology for this, as it comes from an instinctive desire to make objects which are pleasing to look at.

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