Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Chloe Williams & Craig Milburn at Back Lane Studios Holmfirth

Chloe Williams

Large monochromatic works exploring the aesthetics of drawing through repetition, composition, scale and projection.
The work is an exploration of the aesthetics of drawing.
I am interested in capturing the beauty of the spontaneous and signatory elements of a drawn line or mark. I re-use and repeat the once spontaneous and use scale to engage the viewer in the physical process of drawing. Harmony and balance are achieved through considered composition and by the delicacy and sensitivity of graphite as a medium.

Collaborative multi-media performances have juxtaposed drawing with sound and structure to saturate the audience with audio/visual/structural possibilities, creating multi-layered chaos one moment and precise composition and aesthetic balance another. Through scale, tone, sound and projection, the aim of the performances has been to champion the spontaneous, the transitory and the impermanent, offering a sensory emersion that could result in harmonious resolution or in aesthetic and sonic obliteration.

Craig Milburn

Figurative paintings, drawings and film made as a response to the landscape.
The work is bound up with my obsession with fell running and explores the relationship between the land and the creatures that inhabit it. Ideas of theology and mythology are an undercurrent throughout the work.
I record the physical and spiritual experience of running alone on the moors through drawing, film and sound.

I make paintings and films to communicate the physicality of these experiences. The birds and animals encountered when running (in particular the crow and the hare) I have used throughout the work as analogies for human existence. They are a celebration of the intensity and power of life but also a cruel reminder of the futility of our fleeting existence.

Back Lane Studio, 22 Back Lane, Holmfirth, HD9 1HG

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